Fundraise For Your Group, Club or School with Coffee, Fudge, or Chocolates

Looking for a fresh way to raise funds for your school, event, church, etc? Let Old Town Coffee and Chocolates show you how we can help.  Call us at 707-445-8600 to discuss your particular needs.  We'd love to help your group raise funds!

1. It's Easy!

2. It's Fresh!

3. It's Local!

4.  It's Delicious!

There are several ways to fund raise with coffee and/or fudge. They include the following:

Coffee Sales:  We create a personalized coffee label for your group.  You can offer several types of coffee to your buyers - i.e. French Blend, Redwood Roast Blend, Double Chocolate, and Peruvian Decaf.  We also provide your sales form.  It's that easy.  You can presale the coffees so you do not have to put up any funds to begin your fundraising.  Coffees are sold in 12oz sealed bags.  

Fudge Sales:  We make our fudge fresh just for your group.  Fudge sells especially well during holidays.  Such as Fudge Hearts at Valentines, Fudge Bunnies at Easter, or Fudge Trees at Christmas.  You can also sell beautiful 1/2 lb and 1 lb boxes of fudge.  Again, your group can presale or we can make your fudge and you can sell readymade fudge at a specific event. 

Coupon Program: Your group sells coupons redeemable at our store.

Door-to-Door Sales: Fundraise for your nonprofit by taking orders from neighbors, friends, office workers and their families. We then roast your coffee or make your fudge based upon your sales.

For additional details, contact us or call us at 707-445-8600.