Medium Roasts


"Mucho Gusto".  This high quality Latin American coffee is truly one of the world's finest.  A rich, medium roasted coffee with smooth flavor for a well balanced cup with good acidity.

Holiday Blend

"A Festive Brew".  People ask for our Holiday Blend all-year-long, but you can only get it during the holiday season so it remains something extra special to look forward to.  A medium roast blend with a truly unique and delicious taste.  Makes a great gift for the coffee lovers in your life. 

Jump Start Blend

"Get a jump on your day".  A high voltage medium roast with smooth flavor!  This blend of three varietals have been medium-roasted for higher caffeine content and premium taste.

Big Red Rooster Roast

"A strong brew to get you crowin".  A medium roast blend of three varietals for that morning cup of tasty goodness.

Old Town Joe Blend

"Not your average cup of Joe".  A smooth tasting medium roast with a dash of dark roasted beans for a distinctive taste.  It'll keep you dancing through your day.

El Salvador

A medium roasted coffee with a sweet, mild flavor and delightful brightness. 


From the homeland of the Ababica tree.  A sweet-spicy coffee with well-rounded rich flavor.  The coffee connoisseurs coffee.  

Tanzanian Peaberry

Tanzanian Peaberry beans are prized for their rich flavor and depth of body.  A unique coffee with a sharp winey taste.

Kenya AA

A distictive coffee with a dry, winey aftertaste.  Truly a connoisseur's coffee.

Chocolate Raspberry Coffee

A medium roast coffee flavored with chocolate raspberry.  



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