Dark Roasts

French Roast

"French on the Edge".  Roasted to perfection.  Dark enough to taste great, but never over-roasted so you also taste the delicious coffee.   

Italian Roast

"A Great Mug Shot".  Roasted good and dark just like to oughtta be.  Budda Bing, you gunna love it!  No messing around - our darkest roast.

Redwood Roast Blend

A harmonious blend of dark and medium roast beans.  Very tasty on its own, but stands up well to cream and sugar too.

Foggy Dog Blend

One of our most popular blends.  A deep rich dark roast with delicious flavor.  A great morning coffee and also goes well with dessert. 

Espresso Blend

"Savagely Sophisticated".  Yes, this is the espresso we use in our rich, tasty espresso drinks.  Makes great espresso with beautiful crema (we think crema is beautiful).  Our espresso blend also makes an excellent cup of drip coffee too.

Java Nation Blend

For the coffee lover who likes a good strong cup of coffee.  A delicious dark blend with a robust full-bodied flavor. 


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